Dear Cold Spring School Community, 

After analyzing the information I have received regarding the fire conditions and air quality with local superintendents, I currently believe it is safe for students and staff to return to school on Monday, December 11th. I have been in contact with our facilities director, Augustine Rada, and he is prepared to safely clean the Cold Spring campus halls and classrooms beginning Sunday morning. 

Montecito Union will also open their doors Monday morning to students and staff.  Because we both are a one school district, we are able to clean up more efficiently and quicker than our surrounding larger district’s, which in many ways makes this process much less complicated.

Santa Barbara Unified, Goleta, and Hope are likely to have staff return Monday and students return Tuesday.  It is much harder for the larger districts to have their campuses clean.  Carpinteria will have students return Wednesday in order to give staff ample amount of time to clean the heavy ash.  

We will maintain our indoor recess schedule until the air quality is in the “healthy” zone and the outdoor ash is cleaned. Public health experts have informed me that students may safely return despite the “unhealthy” rating of air quality, provided that outside exposure is strictly limited. Therefore, on Monday morning, students will report directly to their classrooms instead of the playground.

Please understand that this decision and plan is subject to change as new information comes my way.

My Best, 

Dr. Alzina