Cold Spring School is located at 2243 Sycamore Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, on the corner of Sycamore Canyon and Cold Spring Road.

Map of location of School District


The District admits all students who reside within district boundaries or who fulfill the district's residency requirements through other means allowable by law. Primary residence is defined as the person's residence and the place where the child physically resides for the majority of the week, during the time school is in session, including overnight residency. Proof of residency is required for enrollment and annual registration. See Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5111.1. Every family is required to submit a proof of residency upon enrollment as well as annually when completing registration for the new school year.

You may verify your district of residency utilizing the Santa Barbara County Clerk, Recorder and Assessor by clicking here. Below is a map of the Cold Spring School District boundaries.

Map of the District Boundaries