Student engaged in outdoor learning

Each year, the Governing Board of Education adopts a Comprehensive School Safety Plan that addresses all aspects of safety on the Cold Spring School Campus.

The California Constitution guarantees California children the right to attend public schools that are safe, secure, and peaceful. All public school districts and their personnel are responsible for creating learning environments that are safe and secure. First responders, community partners, and families play an essential role, as well. Schools must be prepared to respond to emergencies including natural and man-made hazards, and strive to prevent violence and behavior issues that undermine safety and security.

The Comprehensive School Safety Plan includes strategies aimed at the prevention of, and education about, potential incidents involving crime and violence on the school campus and aspects of social, emotional, and physical safety for both youth and adults. The Comprehensive School Safety Plan is designed to address campus risks, prepare for emergencies, and create a safe, secure learning environment for students and school personnel.

Comprehensive School Safety Plan for 2023-24