Christian Garfield

About the Program...

We believe that our emerging challenge as educators is to prepare students to use basic skills and technology tools for thinking and problem-solving. Teaching our children how to use technology means developing digital literacy.  Applying technology means integrating innovative applications and programs into the educational process. Computer literacy will be developed through familiarity and use, not merely through isolated skill instruction.  This will be based upon the integrated and meaningful use of technology in daily classroom activities, which will be designed to provide both individualized and group instruction.  Through age-appropriate applications, students at every level will use technology to:

  • expand their thinking and problem-solving skills

  • conduct inquiry-driven research

  • gather and present information

  • exchange communication in a safe and ethical manner

  • gain new perspectives

  • reach new conclusions

In addition, as we move into full implementation of Next Generation Science Standards, our technology infrastructure and literacy will be critical to a successful transition and implementation.Technology resources will be provided at all grade levels and for all areas of academic instruction with the overall goal of preparing our students to compete effectively in the global economy of the future where such skills will be a necessity.


Lease to Own 3rd grade program

About the Program...

All third-grade students have the opportunity to participate in Cold Spring School’s Lease-to-Own Laptop program!

Cold Spring School’s Lease-to-Own Laptop program is an opportunity for families to purchase their child’s school MacBook Air computer and support Cold Spring’s commitment to technology education.

The program consists of a lease payment in third grade and a final payment at the end of sixth grade (or the end of enrollment at Cold Spring).  Upon graduation, each child will assume ownership of their computer to take with them to junior high. Lease to Own computers remain at school most of the time, though participants may take their computers home during Summer and Spring Break.  

This program helps to offset the cost of providing new computers for all third-grade students. Students that don’t participate will receive a computer to use while at school or in case of a remote learning event; however, they will not be able to take it home over the school breaks or have the opportunity to purchase the device at the end of sixth grade. This opportunity is limited to third graders,  once the child moves beyond third grade they will not be allowed to join the program.  This is highlighted because many families have wanted to opt-in after third grade.  

Lease-to-Own Program Payment Options: 

Option 1: One Payment of  $1,080

Option 2: One Payment of $600 (plus $1 Final Purchase Payment)

Option 3: Two Payments of $300 (plus $1 Final Purchase Payment)

Option 4: Four Payments of $150 (plus $1 Final Purchase Payment)

Family support is what has motivated us to implement this program, giving our children the best tools they need to be truly innovative and creative.