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The Cold Spring School Physical Education program is taught by Jill Wolf. The goals of physical education are to create lifelong lovers of play, games, and sports, to understand how our bodies are made and how they work, and to instill teamwork, leadership, and a strong sense of character.  Students are taught skills that can transfer over into a lot of different activities, whether they play on organized teams or just want to play on the playground.  As the students grow and learn, they develop a sense of accomplishment that gives them more confidence in all aspects of their lives.  Understanding how their bodies are made and how exercise promotes healthy bodies gives them a sense of ownership in their health.  Through all the activities we do, the students are constantly learning real-life skills that they will draw upon for the rest of their lives, like hard work, determination, failure, success, and honestly, just to name a few.  The students experience personalized goal setting and work hard to achieve them. Through a wide variety of sports skills and activities, students are meeting the standards they need for success in P.E.  For K-2, the focus is on locomotor skills, kicking and striking, and cooperation. This is done through fun games, station activities, and playing along to music.   Grades 3-6, build on the foundation set in the younger grades and applies them to activities and sports.  Students are introduced to traditional sports like soccer, basketball, football, and track and field as well as some new sports like International team handball, ultimate frisbee, and scooter hockey.

Every fifth-grade student must take the California fitness test. Students are assessed in five areas: 

Core and Abdominal strength (Sit-Ups)

Aerobic Capacity (Pacer test)

Flexibility (Shoulder stretch)

Upper Body strength (Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, and Flex arm Hang)

Trunk extensor strength, flexibility, and endurance (Trunk lift)

During the Spring, all fourth through sixth-grade students have an opportunity to try out for the "All SB Schools" Track and Field Meet at Westmont College. The meet is hosted by Russell Smelley, the Westmont Track and Field Coach, and is supported by the Track and Field athletes. After the students compete, they all eagerly run-up to the Westmont College Dining Commons for lunch.

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