Re-Entry to School

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic has radically altered our lives and the way we interact with one another. I want to commend the Cold Spring School community for their resilience, grit, and determination in providing an exceptional Learning program throughout the Pandemic designed to meet the needs of every child.

The District and our school will continue to take all reasonable measures to protect the health of our students and staff. The Re-Entry plan, reveiewed every six months, outlines the measures that are being implemented to provide for a safe learning environment through the Pandemic. The District is committed to balancing the health and safety of its students, staff, and families while continuing to provide a top tier educational program. This plan is based on the various guidelines issued by the California Department of Education (CDE Reentering Schools Guidelines), the Center for Disease Control, and the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

I'm extremely proud to be your superintendent/principal. I want to thank the Governing Board and the input from those that served on our Re-Entry Task Force. I am looking forward to a safe and joyful start of the school year!

Image of front cover to Re-Entry Plan

Six feet apart graphic

Front cover of the COVID Safety and Prevention Plan